DLS hosted scientific seminar on food safety and cancer awareness


Life Sciences Club of the Department of Life Sciences, IUB has organized a scientific awareness seminar on reality of food safety in Bangladesh titled “Food safety and Cancer Awareness” on March 16, 2023, at IUB campus.

The objective of the event was to create awareness about cancer, food associated health risks and healthy eating habit development amongst general population, especially youth members of the society. It was also targeted to involve student communities to build a social awareness using scientific study derived evidence.

The talk was delivered by Dr. Md. Iqbal Rouf Mamun who is currently working as a researcher and professor of Department of Chemistry at the University of Dhaka. He is also the Founder Member at Bangladesh Food Safety Authority, and General Secretary of Bangladesh Chemical Society. One of the impactful involvements of Dr. Mamun is being the Board of Trustee, Cancer Care and Research Trust Bangladesh where he has been working on cancer awareness and food associated health risks.

The session was scheduled to start with the welcoming speech by the Head of the Department of Life Sciences along with other faculty members, students were present in the session. There were more than 200 registered participants in this program and audiences had an informative overview to learn about the best practices for handling and preparing food, and how they can help reduce the risk of cancer.

In the seminar talk, Dr. Md. Iqbal Rouf Mamun presented the food safety regulation of Bangladesh, ongoing research, strategy to make people aware of the link between food safety and cancer. This informative seminar on Food Safety and Cancer Awareness was an interactive session where audiences were given open floor to present their concerns.

The department and club representatives have mentioned that they have already taken some initiatives to address the issues by creating awareness through online and offline campaign and presented vote of thanks at the end of the session.