IUB's "AFK Hoonigan" secured first position in the Soccer Robot segment of NDITC


The team from department of CSE, Independent University, Bangladesh (IUB) named "AFK Hoonigan" participated in the Soccer Robot segment of NDITC init 3.0 event presented by IUB and showed their exceptional skills and technical knowledge to secure the first position. Their exceptional performance and coordination have made them the undisputed champions of the event.

The NDITC init 3.0 event, organized by the Notre Dame Information Technology Club and sponsored by IUB aimed to celebrate, and appreciate the advancing technology and the genius minds behind it. The event witnessed participation from several teams from different universities and departments, competing in various tech events, including Spot N Go, Robo War, Olympiads, and Programming Contests.

The Soccer Robot segment was one of the most popular events of the NDITC init 3.0, where the teams had to build a robot that can play soccer. The competition was intense, and the teams had to showcase their technical skills and coordination to score goals and win the game.

The CSE department teams from IUB exhibited exceptional skills and teamwork to secure the top position. The team consisted of four members and team leader Sheikh Samanja Anwar thinks that their innovation and creativity in building the robot, coupled with their technical skills and coordination, helped them win the championship.

Dr. Mahady Hasan, the Interim Dean of the School of Engineering Technology and Science, presented at the event and shared his views on the importance of such events in promoting innovation, creativity, and technical skills among students. He emphasized the role of universities in fostering a culture of innovation and technology and praised the efforts of the Notre Dame Information Technology Club in organizing such an event.

The highlight of Dr. Mahady Hasan's participation in the event was his presence during the award ceremony. He awarded the prize to the winning team of the Soccer Robot segment, named "AFK Hoonigan," from the CSE department of IUB. The winners were awarded the cash prize, along with certificates of appreciation. Dr. Mahady Hasan congratulated the winning team and praised their innovation, creativity, and technical skills.

The achievement of the CSE department teams from IUB is a proud moment for the university and a testament to the exceptional talent and technical skills of its students. The NDITC init 3.0 event has provided a platform for young tech enthusiasts to showcase their skills and creativity, and the success of this event is a testimony to the advancing technology and the genius minds behind it.