IUB's 'Fabber’s AFK Hoonigan' team become runner-up in Soccerbot segment of BUET EEE Day 2023


"Fabber’s AFK Hoonigan," a team from Independent University, Bangladesh (IUB), has secured the runner-up position in the Soccerbot segment of the BUET EEE Day 2023 held on February 16, 2023. The team's soccer-playing robot impressed judges and spectators with its agility, speed, and ball control skills, showcasing the members' hard work and dedication in developing the robot using the latest technologies. The competition has brought recognition and admiration for the team's exceptional skills and innovation in the field of robotics, bringing great pride and honor to IUB. The runner up team " Fabber’s AFK Hoonigan," received a cash prize of 15,000 taka.

The EEE Day 2023 organized by BUET has featured robotic segments that are a must-attend for all robotics enthusiasts powered by RAK Ceramics. It hosted two exciting competitions under one banner 'Robo Odyssey': the Soccer Bot Competition and the Line Follower Robot Competition. The Soccerbot segment of the event involves designing and developing robots capable of playing soccer against each other.

Sheikh Samanja Anwar, Md. Hana Sultan Chowdhury, and Sheikh Saif Simran, who are all from the CSE department, were thrilled with their success and expressed that participating in the competition allowed them to demonstrate their innovation and expertise in the robotics domain. "We are delighted to have been able to participate in the BUET Robo Odyssey Soccer Robot Competition and showcase our hard work and dedication in developing a soccer-playing robot. Our robot's agility, speed, and ball control skills were the result of months of hard work and collaboration," said Md. Hana Sultan Chowdhury, a member of the Fabber’s AFK Hoonigan team.

Dr. Mahady Hasan, the team's advisor, expressed his happiness over their consecutive successes in the Robo Soccer segments. He was particularly pleased as they had also won the AUST Robo Soccer segment just the previous week. “The department of CSE always provides support and resources to students who are working on different innovative and competitive projects,” said Dr. Mahady Hasan. He also said that it is good to see students are using "Fab Lab IUB" to make all kinds of cool stuff, like robots and other machines and bring achievements for the university.