IUB life sciences lecturer Salman Khan Promon attends Nobel Teacher Summit 2022


Mr. Salman Khan Promon, Lecturer of Life Sciences at Independent University, Bangladesh (IUB), took part in the Nobel Teacher Summit 2022 in Stockholm, Sweden, September 30, 2022. The summit is an international conference where teachers from different countries are invited to meet Nobel laureates, top scientists, and peace activists to discuss various themes related to education.

Activities included a guided tour of the exhibition and workshops at the Nobel Prize Museum, a democratic mission by visiting the Swedish schools, information sessions by Nobel laureates, museum tours and many interactive activities to create impactful engagements among the teaching community. A workshop on the Swedish education system and lectures by leading education analysts and activists were also among the activities.

Mr. Promon said, “Learning from these experiences and getting the perspective of other teachers and scientists will significantly impact the educational approach. From the knowledge gained from the summit, I will hopefully be able to help students by instigating in them critical thinking and promoting problem-solving-based learning.”