Mission & Strategy

The Mission

Our mission is to achieve the goals of higher education and of sustainable economic growth in the country through a two-way relationship between community and university.

The Goals

IUB's goals are to produce graduates of international standards within the local environment, with knowledge and relevant skills to provide leadership in enterprise, public service and welfare; encourage and support useful research; create knowledge; and provide further learning opportunities for adults. The curriculum objectives for the undergraduate education are to teach communicative skills (oral and written communication and computer skills) with a strong humanities background, knowledge and competence in a subject (i.e. a major), and a sub-specialization (minor) in a related subject. This is commensurate with the ultimate goal of equipping students with middle management skills and the background necessary to pursue higher studies.

The Strategies

The University curriculum and courses of study are progressively revised and adjusted on the basis of their relevance to national needs and the global market demand. The educational quality is maintained by exchange relationships with renowned universities overseas.
As a private university, IUB is free to set its own curriculum and methods of procedure and to cooperate with academics at home and abroad. It produces graduates who are well grounded in the liberal arts with marketable skills to promote economic growth.