University Collaboration

The University has established collaborations with top universities and institutions abroad.

List of institutions

Tied Up

Following the philosophy on which the University is founded - the best of both worlds, IUB has tied up with some of the world’s best Universities and institutions to provide you an academic environment relevant to the contemporary world.

2+2 Programs @ IUB

The only private university in Bangladesh offering three 2+2 program in collaboration with

What is 2+2 Program?

Under these programs a student can complete 2 years of

Option 1:Media and Communication Program at IUB

Option 2: BBA Program at IUB - get a transfer to UniSA, Complete the remaining 2 years Option 3: BBA Program at IUB


IUB's pioneering program, Live-in-Field Experience, where IUB students get a distinctive opportunity to learn about rural life, is a complement to the unique course National Culture and Heritage where a comprehensive study of the history, society and culture of Bangladesh is taught. These programs have received acclamation from home and abroad and every year under the collaboration with Higher Education Consortium for Urban Affairs, more than a dozen US students join the students of IUB to study rural life of Bangladesh. Such exposure to rural life and interaction with foreign students broaden the horizon and knowledge base of our students and help them to understand the world from a broader perspective.